Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (Video)

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Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

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Symptoms of hypothyroidism in both men and women may vary.  The following may tend to develop slowly over the span of months or years: weakness, lethargy, slow speech, edema of eyelids, sensation of cold, decreased sweating, thick tongue, edema of face. Included in the lists of symptoms: labored or difficult breathing, swelling of feet, hoarseness, are also well known symptoms of hypothyroidism. As well as, excessive menstruation, deafness,  poor vision, changes in back of the eye, painful menstruation, loss of weight, choking sensation,  burning or tingling sensation, heat intolerance, and slow movements.

Hypothyroid patients may also experience cardiac problems such as heart enlargement, palpitations, poor heart sounds, pain over heart. Joint and muscle pain and weakness are also prevalent. Digestive problems include difficulty in swallowing, loss of appetite, constipation. Skin, hair and nail problems are also common. Such as cyanosis, cold, pallor, dry, coarse skin. Coarseness and thinning of the hair are usual complaints. Brittle nails are typical.

Memory  (slow mental activity, brain fog, nervousness) is also affected by hypothyroidism. Emotional problems like depression and instability are also reported.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism - Success Story

Top 20 symptoms of Hypothyroidism

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The Perfect Test for Hypothyroidism?

There is no perfect test in medicine—not the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) or any other. For many years, doctors effectively diagnosed and treated hypothyroidism without the TSH test or any tests at all. They listened to their patients and examined them and made the diagnosis. Since then, a parade of tests has been developed.  Each was considered the “right” way to make the diagnosis until it proved to be too unreliable and was discarded.

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5 Responses to "Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (Video)"
  1. Lissa Blue says:

    The signs and symptoms video was really interesting because
    many people have those symptoms but don’t bother to pay them any attention a
    lot of them think oh maybe if I change the way I do this or that instead of
    going to the doctor to get checked out to see what really is going on in there
    body. I myself didn’t know the different
    type of symptoms they are so common and have to do with a lot of different
    other medical problems just like the swelling of the feet and the excessive
    menstruation. The video has brought my attention to a lot of things now I won’t
    be so careless about going to the doctor. Thank You.

  2. This is a very important information. Thanks.
    A lot of these signs and symptoms are not listed in newly published books.
    Thank you.

  3. Katie Solvie says:

    I wish I was anywhere near your office, I would certainly be there. I have ALL the symptoms of hypothyroidism but my local rural doctors do not believe so only have TSH level check and free T4. I want to be more than just a ‘within normal’ lab patient..I would love someone to listen to me and my extreme frustrating symptoms over the past year during and after my last pregnancy which seem to be getting worse. Thank you for your post…and your website.

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