Myers Cocktail – Intravenous (IV) Therapy

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I first learned about the intravenous (IV) “Myers cocktail” ten years ago while studying with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. According to Dr. T., the Myers cocktail was a highly effective way to help patients get well and feel better. He did not offer a lot of evidence beyond his patients’ experience and reports from other doctors, so my natural skepticism took over and I decided to wait and see.

Since then, many patients have asked me for this treatment, reporting that the Myers cocktail had made them feel much better. Meanwhile, Dr. T. and other leading alternative physicians such as Dr. Alan Gaby and Dr. Jonathan Wright continued to report great results and excellent safety with the Myers cocktail.

What finally convinced me was a study by researchers at Yale. It was a placebo-controlled pilot study of Myers cocktail treatment for fibromyalgia. The placebo group improved, but the Myers cocktail patients had consistently better results. These improvements were dramatic and mirrored the results that my patients, mentors and colleagues had described to me over and over. The researchers also found no serious side effects.

The Myers cocktail is a mixture of essential nutrients given by IV. It usually contains a combination of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. The ingredients are adjusted to suit each patient’s individual needs. Many patients have found it highly effective in reducing a variety of troubling symptoms including fatigue, headaches, muscle, pain brain fog and much more.

Finally, I decided to move forward with an IV nutrition program. I have been lucky enough to find an exceptionally skilled and experienced nurse to help me run this program and administer these treatments. Dawn Murphy has six years experience in administering IV nutrient treatments (before that, she was a cardiac intensive-care nurse for 7 years).

The early results are overwhelmingly positive and gratifying. We are seeing just the kind of results that my patients, my teachers and the latest study have described. Within the first four treatments, patients are reporting improvements in energy, pain, sense of well-being and much more. … just like Dr. T told me.

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  1. Lissa Blue says:

    So the IV nutrition is suppose to stop headaches, muscle
    pain and etc Sounds real interesting.

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