Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Insufficiency (Video)

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Hypothyroidism and Adrenal insufficiency are two of the most unsuspecting illnesses. Michael E. Doyle of Stamford Integrative Medicine discusses these two in detail. For more information or to set up an appointment please call 203-324-4747.


3 Responses to "Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Insufficiency (Video)"
  1. Lissa Blue says:

    The information I just learned has me like WOW I didn’t know
    you needed cortisol to live like we learned about this in school but my teacher
    didn’t go into depth like how he should have. Thanks Dr. Doyle

  2. Michele says:

    Why does this Doctor accept insurance? Bit ridiculous that a Doctor from Stamford who works at Intergretive Medicine does not accept the hospitals insurance program, is there a reason?

  3. Debra says:

    I don’t have any cortisol because of adrenal glands removal.left adrenal gland right gland never woke up I’m taking prednisone to help me.it’s been years now and they are not helping infact I feel like I have cushion disease again and can hardly move..they say that they can’t do anything anymore just take the steroids lowest dose you can tolerate because of what they do to your body over time.I can hardly move anymore I need help before it is to late it’s been about20 years since the surgery when doctors hardly new treating every symptoms first.I begged for my life was misdiagnosed but I found a wonderful doctor who diagnosed me..long story..even after the surgery removal of the adrenal gland and the tumor they didn’t no what happened I couldn’t move in horrific pain even the sheets to cover me up hurt they realize I had no cortisol the right gland never woke up I almost died….now I’m in my change more hormonal imbalance I’m thinking because of the doctor closing the door on my shoulder and arm yelling at me saying if I put you in a closet you would loose weight..I don’t eat nauseous weak and now my heart is beating to fast they put me on phropanolol to slow it down but I am scared I had a stroke awhile back3years ago doing okay but I believe that if someone doesn’t help me I’m going to die..I had to fight for my life begging someone to help me until I found out I had a tumor on my left adrenal glands I was happy because they didn’t believe me chalked up my symptoms I was beaten beyond identifiable.. abused by my x husband and I am a RAPE survivor I was young and over the years I helped many people because of the suffering I went through..so they said to my mother she is depressed so I was upset because I new I wasn’t but they made me go through therapy and for weight gain join the gym and Jenny Craig they refered me to a nutritionist..it was horrible I looked like Barbie doll and gained up to almost300 lbs with in a year..thanks to me opening up my nursing book I found a picture of the human body and it’s changes in weight..that’s what I brought to my doctor who said I am making myself sick reading to much imagine that..I no fear that I need a good doctor who has more experience in my condition cortisol levels..my body temperature has been dropping off and on also I have been passing out not knowing what happened with me didn’t realize it.then I wake up hurting and eventually I feel better..that scares me now oh it because of the unbalanced something isn’t right..how I no is because there are days when I feel like nothing is wrong..my muscles are getting weak because of laying down because of feeling weak so if I can move on one day and didn’t do anything different it has to be related..I have nerve damage from a surgery but that I had for years before the adrenal gland tumor removal..please please please help me..my granddaughter and my daughter and son I can see what they are feeling like fear of me dying but also they are feeling abandoned by me because after my surgery I did get better and went back to work so please don’t let me die painfully slow..even friends family can’t understand why I’m not getting better.I don’t eat nauseous weak and I take natural organic supplements for bones and immune support because they are good for me to take been approved by the doctors infact they were impressed..I can hardly move my skin is breaking down on my elbows and feet like before I had it removed I feel like I have cushion disease and they said I’ll always go in and out..after all the surgery for a few years I did wonderful nothing different from what I’ve been doing..I’m thinking about hormones and my age now it’s56..going on 57 it slowly progressed over the years now I feel awful having more worse days than good..

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