I saw Dr. Doyle as what I viewed as a last resort. My entire life I suffered from strange symptoms and periods of not feeling well. Doctors told me that all my tests were normal and that it was most likely “in my head.” After 50 years of that, you believe it, but are still looking for other answers.

My first visit encouraged me. Dr. Doyle spent a long time talking to me, taking a complete history, and asking a lot of questions. It was gratifying to have a doctor actually sit and listen to me, assess my symptoms and not say “hypochondriac.” Dr. Doyle followed up the complete history with a battery of blood tests. The tests covered more than the conventional tests usually given to me in the past.

Dr. Doyle discovered I had an underlying thyroid condition as well as an iron and vitamin D deficiency. Since I have been treated for these and other minor adjustments to medicine and supplements, I have been feeling a great deal better. I have more energy, have lost a little weight and am generally feeling much healthier. My resistance to every respiratory ailment floating around has also improved.

Because I have a system that is sensitive to new drugs and treatments, Dr. Doyle has gone more slowly than I’m sure either he or I would like, but that is the only way, in my case, to prevent a bad reaction. I’m very happy with my progress and give Dr. Doyle complete credit for all the improvements.

Greenwich, CT