…I am an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. I met Dr. Doyle after several years of cognitive decline in short-term memory, attention and overall cognitive clarity. This seemed unusual for an individual in his mid-40’s.

Dr. Doyle began with a very comprehensive chemical diagnosis and found deficits in a few key chemicals, but nothing extreme. Despite these results he saw distinct symptoms of hypothyroidism and started me on medication.

Within one week, I began to see ancillary benefits from improved circulation-warm hands and feet, soft hair and skin, and no longer needing to take long weekend naps. But the most important improvement was in my cognitive capabilities. Once again, I can function at a level required for my role. This treatment truly changed my life.

Other physicians treat based on blood test results. Dr. Doyle treated my symptoms and it worked.

Best regards,
B.W.H., Ph.D
Brookfield, CT