…There are so many good qualities about you and you are so knowledgeable that I found it hard to keep this short… My definition of a good doctor is, kind, caring, compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable. Dr. Doyle goes beyond those definitions. He does not treat you as just another lab report. He treats your symptoms and you as an individual. He is very thorough.

I have been to many doctors and can truly say they do not come as genuine and compassionate and knowledgeable as he is. His concern does not end after your visit. He continues to think about you and will contact you with more information about your symptoms. He encourages you to read information in great books written by other doctors to put to rest any fear you have. I feared hormones. I heard too much on the media that they cause cancer. I read a great book he suggested, showing the difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones and testimonials. My fears where put to rest. I decided to take the hormones which were deficient in me, and I cannot believe how they have restored areas of my personal life which I thought were not possible. My muscle strength has also been restored. I also have to add that I personally have not had any side affects, just positive effects. His knowledge in hormone balance was far superior to my GYN who is a woman!

[Dr. Doyle] has helped me with my autoimmune thyroid problem, vitamin deficiencies, and adrenal insufficiency. I have also suffered from restless leg syndrome for many years and now I no longer have restless leg syndrome, he cured that without drugs!

I’ve always had a hard time getting my husband to see a doctor. But things changed when he came with me on my first appointment with Dr. Doyle. I told him I really liked his thoroughness and his kind, courteous manner. He takes your feelings into consideration. My husband noticed it too. Now our search has ended for the kind of doctor you only read about. We found one.

Your grateful patient,
Shelton, CT