I consider myself quite fortunate to be under the care and treatment of Dr. Michael E. Doyle, a board-certified family practice doctor, practicing a unique and effective combination of conventional and alternative medicine. From the first visit with Dr. Doyle, I was impressed by his attention to detail and moved by his dedication and genuine compassion for the patient.

After analyzing the results of his well considered questionnaire together with my blood work, Dr. Doyle prescribed a treatment which put me quickly on the right recovery track. Since then, I have continued to show progress and significant improvement.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from chronic metabolism problems. Growing up in Eastern Europe, I had visited many well qualified medical doctors in my home country and elsewhere with no success. Some 20 years ago, when the opportunity to live and work in the United States presented itself, I took that opportunity in part to find better medical treatment and some answer to my ailing medical condition. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have seen many doctors and consulted with various highly regarded specialists. Despite all their efforts, countless visits, consultations, treatments and extensive workups, none of these doctors could diagnose me; the end result had been the same, frustration and disappointment.

To add to my medical problems, about three years ago, I underwent some foot surgery. Almost immediately after the surgery, I noticed that I was not healing as fast or as well as expected. As a result of the surgery, I have developed some additional complications, a chronic nerve pain disorder and the need to take various pain medications. The combination of my metabolism problems with the severe pain brought about by my foot surgery, made me become increasingly weak. I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed and, with the almost random sharp pain in my foot, I became quite despaired.

About this time, I happened to see Suzanne Somers on television talking about bioidentical hormones. I then began to explore the subject by reading a few books on the subject. In one of Suzanne Somers’ books, I found referral to a few doctors and medical specialists in my area of concern. I contacted one of the doctors mentioned and eagerly signed up for this doctor’s treatment program. I’m not going to mention this doctor by name, but this doctor simply listened to my problems and attributed them to symptoms of menopause. This doctor merely prescribed her standard “one size fits all” prescription of bio-identical hormones and prepackaged supplements. Under this doctor’s treatment, I showed some initial minor improvement, but my progress quickly stalled and I began to actually get worse.

After some further study of my own, I asked this doctor for a very small amount of a medication mentioned in my readings. I believed this medication might make some positive difference in my treatment. After some discussion, if not argument with this doctor, I got the doctor concerned to prescribe me a minimal amount of this medication. Upon taking this medication, my condition almost immediately improved. I reported this result and my improvement to the doctor concerned. To my surprise and disappointment, the doctor told me that she was going to take me off that medication entirely, the only medication that up to that point made any positive difference in my overall health.

This incident was enough reason for me to find a more concerned, open-minded and no doubt qualified physician. In the search for another doctor, I went back to a later book by Suzanne Somers and, independent of my own experience, the doctor I saw, and who was previously referred to in the first book, was not mentioned or listed as a referral in this second book by Suzanne Somers. Still in search for the right doctor to treat my medical conditions, I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Doyle by the website of the Broda 0. Barnes M.D. Research Foundation.

So much, so very positive, can be said of Dr. Doyle. With a manner that is most pleasant and caring and a treatment most comprehensive and effective, Dr. Doyle is the only doctor in this area of medicine who has really helped me improved my medical condition and sustain that improvement.

Dr. Doyle diagnosed me with an adrenal and thyroid insufficiency. From the beginning of my treatment, Dr. Doyle has produced the right diagnosis and put me on the correct medication with the correct dosage. This same medication that other doctors did not know of or would have otherwise not considered to prescribe for my condition is the same medication in a higher dosage that the other doctor mentioned above would have denied me from taking in any dosage. Under Dr. Doyle’s care, I confidently take this medication along with the needed supplements and bio-identical hormones that he specifically prescribes for my body’s individual needs, dramatically improving my overall health and energy level.

In short, although I still deal with the chronic pain in my foot, Dr. Doyle’s care and treatment has allowed me to better address my other medical concerns in a more balanced way, separating and improving my adrenal and thyroid insufficiency issues and allowing me to isolate and better address the chronic pain in my foot.

I thank you Dr. Doyle, for being not only a compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced physician, but also for your rare knowledge and understanding of where conventional medicine with conventional approach may fall short, like in my personal experience. I will be forever grateful to you.

Wilton, Connecticut