I had been treated for hypothyroidism for fourteen years before finding Dr. Doyle. The other doctors I had worked with followed a conventional path of primarily relying on blood test results to regulate my health with little if no regard for my actual symptoms, energy level or state of immunity and overall health. During those fourteen years I was prescribed synthetic “big drug company brand” thyroid hormone. During that time my thyroid condition had continued to worsen and I developed Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

Two friends from my church continued to recommend Dr. Doyle but I was not convinced I should switch doctors until a frightening change in my health occurred and I had extremely low blood pressure and nervousness. This sudden change prompted me to call one of these church friends and former patient of Dr. Doyle’s who had moved to London. I happened to catch her on the phone by a trans-Atlantic call and asked her if I should really trust Dr. Doyle, she said: “Absolutely Go! He saved me after I had my fifth child and I was so exhausted I could not get out of bed.”

Upon her urgent recommendation I finally went. My health has improved steadily and I was even able to become pregnant at 45, something I had previously not been capable of. My energy level and mood have evened and my immunity is steady with fewer sinus infections. The approach he offers requires some degree of participation on the part of the patient; it is not a magic pill solution, which I find refreshing.

I find Dr. Doyle caring, respectful and genuinely concerned for my overall wellbeing. He takes time and really gets to know you and your situation. He is prudent and combines intelligent holistic and alternative modalities that are studied and proven. I have explored much of the alternative health world and seen much quackery; Dr. Doyle offers the assurance of sound medical science by a true Medical Doctor combined with the wisdom of proven natural approaches.

Greenwich, CT