After forty years of knowing, from nursing experience, that I had symptoms of hypothyroidism, I met Dr. Doyle. I had read books on the subject and over the years had diagnostic tests taken that showed thyroid factors were within acceptable range-though very low.

About two years ago my husband found information relating to thyroid problems at The Broda Barnes Foundation website. I received more tests through the foundation. Along with the results the foundation referred me to Dr. Doyle.

Michael E. Doyle, MD.  had more specific tests taken and the results led to the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease-an autoimmune disease that Dr. Doyle has been treating me for 21 months. My symptoms quickly became less of a problem and continue to do so.

I now have  fewer headaches, am less tired and irritable, have clearer thinking, much more energy, am sleeping better and needing less sleep, have better digestion, and am more adaptable to heat and cold conditions. My BP is rising, my body temperature has risen from 96 to 97.4 currently, and more.

Michael E. Doyle’s help has been a blessing to me and my family.

Thank you Dr. Doyle.
Vero Beach, FL