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Dr. Michael E  Doyle also brings compassion and common sense  (pretty uncommon these days) to his work with his patients.
E.C. of South Salem, NY

This treatment truly changed my life.
B.W.H., Ph.D of Brookfield, CT

I’m very happy with my progress and give Dr. Doyle complete credit for all the improvements.
M.K. of Greenwich, CT

I have improved so radically.
Dr. S.V. of Mephis, TN

Fewer headaches, less tired and irritable, clearer thinking, much more energy and sleeping better.
S.B. of Vero Beach, FL

Dr. Doyle has been very supportive, helpful and accessible for which I am very grateful.
S.F. of Cincinnati, OH

Now our search has ended for the kind of doctor you only read about. We found one.
L.H. of Shelton, CT

Dr. Doyle is the perfect synergy of scientist, physician and healer. He has helped all of my patients … his knowledge of vitamin supplements, and diet adds the finishing touches to a truly holistic approach. It is without hesitation that I give Dr. Doyle the highest recommendation.
A.A, M.S., LAc of NYC

You not only listened to me, you believed my story … I became myself again. Now, I am back to my preillness self never needing to take notes, excelling at my fulltime job, exercising, spending time in my garden enjoying life.
J.D. of Stamford, CT

Dr. Doyle is the only doctor in this area of medicine who has really helped me improve my medical condition and sustain that improvement.
B.M.P. of Wilton, CT

He focuses on wellness rather than illness.
E.A. of Stamford, CT

Even without a lab tests, Dr. Doyle suspected my problem was thyroid deficiency … Shortly after starting thyroid hormone, my heart rate increased, avoiding the need for a pacemaker.
R.P., MD of Greenwich, CT

Your treatment centers on the whole person, not just a set of numbers on a blood test or symptoms. After being treated … I have 100 times more energy and I am not cold all the time any longer.
B.H. of Shelton, CT

Finally, my daughter is able to see the difference, go to school, work, get good grades and create a career for herself.
J.E.P & A.P of Milford, CT