Dr. Michael Doyle has found that the best way to do this is to start the old-fashioned way: medical history, physical examination and the best available tests.As doctors have known for many years, the medical history (what the patient tells the doctor) is the most important step in understanding the cause of an illness. By listening to the patient and asking the right questions, a physician can go a long way toward making an accurate diagnosis.

Experience across many countries and many years taught us much about how specific patterns of symptoms point toward specific causes of illness. The next step is examining the patient. Over the years, doctors have identified patterns of symptoms and physical changes that point toward specific cases and of illness. Therefore, in manycases, simple medical history and physical examination are all that are needed to make a diagnosis. The next step is to use scientific testing, when needed, to further clarify what the underlying cause of an illness is. The key to this step is to use tests that accurately identify what ails the patient. Ultimately, the best test is the one that helps a doctor make a diagnosis and leads to effective treatment and improved health.