Testosterone is a hormone that is crucial for the development and continued health of the male body. Testosterone is is secreted primarily by the testes, but it is also made through the conversion of the adrenal hormone DHEA to testosterone. Interestingly, excess testosterone or DHEA are often converted to estrogen in men.

Low testosterone symptoms and related problems:

• Erectile dysfunction
• Decreased sex drive
• Infertility
• Decrease in beard and body hair
• Decrease in strength and muscle mass
• Development of breast tissue (gynecomastia)
• Loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)
• Difficulty concentrating
• Hot flashes and night sweats
• Increased abdominal Fat
• Insulin resistance and diabetes
• Cholesterol abnormalities

DHEA is the most abundant adrenal hormone. Many of its effects are based on the fact that much of it is converted to testosterone and estrogen. DHEA levels slowly decrease after age 30. Symptoms of excessively rapid decline can often be reversed with appropriate supplementation. Excess DHEA supplementation tends to cause excess estrogen in men.

Low DHEA symptoms and related problems:

• fatigue,
• poor concentration
• diminished sense of well -being
• systemic lupus erythematosis(Lupus) and possibly other autoimmune diseases
• possibly low libido, depression, and weight gain