Dr. Doyle’s practice is designed is to combine Conventional and Alternative medicine to find the safest and most effective treatment for each patient. He starts with a focus on the foundations of health — Lifestyle, Nutrition and Hormone Balance . He then concentrates on the keys to metabolism including thyroid and adrenal hormones, testosterone and estrogen, blood sugar, key nutrients such as iron, vitamin D, magnesium…and much more.

Dr. Doyle believes that the best medical care should help patients improve their health, not just make their “numbers” look better. Instead of simply using synthetic treatments to treat symptoms, he first goes back to the basics and looks for the underlying cause of illness. By listening carefully, performing a physical exam, and ordering the most useful tests, he identifies the underlying causes of poor health . The next step is to identify the treatments that are most likely to safely restore health . This typically involves natural and bio-identical hormones, nutritional therapies and lifestyle changes.

Our patients span a wide range of ages and come from many different locations and backgrounds. Working together with me and my staff, many of them have improved their health and the quality of their lives.

We look forward to hearing from you.